Hi there!
I’m Wilson…

…an artist inspired by the Creator of the universe.

Professional web guy     •     Artist and designer     •     Christ-follower

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A bit o’ my work

About me

Joseph Wilson, in the flesh!

I laugh. I cry. I work and play and sing. I create. I am and I do because of Christ.

My passion, since I was a small child, has been animation and the animation process. I love art (and art forms, in general) and what really draws me to animation is the combining and blending of a great many art forms, ranging from dance and music to writing and painting. It’s the visual art of storytelling that I love so much.

Currently, I work as a Portland, Oregon-based freelance illustrator, web designer, and front end web developer. I create and solve puzzles using great design, art, and web-centric programming languages.

About the site


All of the fonts used here, unless you’re viewing this in some prehistoric fossil of a browser, are from Google’s awesome webfont library. The headings make use of Passion One. The body copy is made up of Libre Baskerville for the first paragraph and Open Sans for the rest. Also (and mostly for the nerdiness of it) there’s a bit of Courier New sprinkled here and there.


The caricature and background illustrations, along with the illustrations for the icons of this site, were all drawn digitally in Manga Studio on my Wacom tablet.


This site was lovingly crafted on a PC… although I would have used a Mac if I owned one. (As a professional, I strongly recommend Apple computers and OSX for web development and programming. If that’s your field, buy a Mac or build a Hackintosh. Seriously.)

Contact me

Hey guys! Hope you liked the new site. If you wanna get a hold of me for whatever reason, shoot me an email!

The site's still a bit under construction… Sorry about that. The contact form will be up, soon.

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