Revive Magazine

Every time the folks over at Life Action Ministries (the publishers of Revive Magazine) have reached out to me for an illustration for their magazine, they’ve always come with a new challenge... and a new style! This challenge of learning a new style has been greatly rewarding.

Fall 2014: Reframing Christian Unity

Read the issue online here.

Revive Flight Concepts

Some of the initial layout concepts.

Revive Flight Underdrawing

My value study and tighter layout drawing.

Revive Flight Final

The finished painting for the two-page spread.

Spring 2015: Five Ways to Father Like God

Read the issue online here.

Revive Words Concepts
Revive Words WIP
Revive Words Final

Summer 2016: Love One More

Read the issue online here.

Revive Life Title Banner
Revive Action Title Banner

“I’ve enjoyed working with Wilson for custom illustration because he owns the project and has always delivered above and beyond my expectations. He pays attention to detail and also to the big picture of what the art is meant to communicate.”

— Liza Hartman, Life Action Ministries Art Director